A fate worse than death

Sandeep Divekar's wife of two decades, Julie, was diagnosed with Locked-In Syndrome after a stroke -- a condition in which one is fully conscious, but can do nothing more than blink one's eyes. In this deeply passionate talk, Divekar shares his struggles to pull Julie off life support and stop all futile treatment so she could die with dignity. Finally, Divekar compels us to talk about death and ask ourselves how we want to die.

Recorded at INK2012, Pune, India


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About the Speaker

Sandeep Divekar

Serial Technology Entrepreneur

Sandeep Divekar is GM of Global Technology Initiatives at Reliance MediaWorks. He is responsible for commercializing the company's Academy Award winning image processing and film restoration technology and for finding new application areas for the technology. Prior to joining Reliance Mediaworks, Sandeep Divekar set up a South Asian IPTV network for Neulion Inc. which involved negotiating contracts with South Asian television channels, setting up satellite capture teleports in Nepal and India, market research, designing packaging and pricing and launched the network to consumers in Canada and the US.

Previously he was CEO and president of MultiGen-Paradigm Inc. a leading provider of visual simulation software and weapons training solutions for the military and civil aviation industries (acquired by CAE Inc. in 2007 ). Prior to that he was CEO and co-founder of 3Name3D Inc. a 3D graphics software company, (acquired by Computer Associates in 1998).

Mr. Divekar was also on the adjunct faculty at the University of Southern California teaching cyberspace design. He has been working in the field of computer graphics and technology for 25 years and has extensive experience in fields ranging from architecture, entertainment, enterprise applications, e-commerce, visual simulation, online media and IPTV. Mr Divekar has been called upon to speak at the NYU Stern School of Business, the Anderson School of Management at UCLA, the Carlson School of Business at the University of Minnesota, California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo and the University of Maryland at College Park as well as various industry conferences. He has also had articles published in various industry publications. Sandeep was educated at the Sir JJ College of Architecture, SCI-ARC and UCLA.

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Shyam Sunder Tiwari

I totally disliked the Video of Sandeep Divekar. Perhaps his wife realized that this person and none his family members will care for the Lady and also he did not like the hospital staff or any other organization care for the Lady as he thought he is the owner of his wife and can decide and sign her death warrant. It is totally inhuman attitude and a murder.

The Lady you see in the icon is my wife Rama who suffered from deadly disease MSA and she was given all care for 2 years till she lived and I even cleaned her toilet and given her bath and did not sleep at nights for years to turn her in bed as she just could not do that.

Rama smiled up to her last day, greeted people and finally died in her sleep on September 12, 2014. Had she remained in same state for her entire life, I would have cared for just one smile on her face or simply a blink of her eye.

See the work of great Physicist Stephen Hawking who worked in total disability and has been the greatest Physicist in his disability.

Kindly remove this video as it is inhuman and wrong. I appreciate many talks at InkTalk but this one I find horrible.

Dr. Shyam Sunder Tiwari

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