What is INKtalks?

Watch this stunning visual piece of Shadowgraphy, or the art of performing a story using images made by hand shadows. Performing the wrap-up of INK2011, Amar Sen narrates the journey of INKtalks beautifully.

Shadowgraphy by Amar Sen & Music by Jeevz Menon.


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Amar Sen


Amar Sen's devotion to the arts has brought him fame for various specializations at different stages in his life; now the world knows him for a number of things including but not limited to singing, acting, magic, graphic arts, poetry and obviously his pet art, handShadowGraphy. The field of performance knows him better for his hardcore professionalism at whatever he does.

WEBSITE: AmarSen.com; www.handshadowgraphy.com/amazing_duo.html

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