Kenny Sebastian

Stand Up Comedian,Entrepreneur,Musician, Filmmaker & Artist

Kenneth Sebastian is a Bangalore based stand-up comedian, actor, writer, filmmaker and musician. After graduating with an Arts degree in Painting, Kenneth decided that Stand-up (which he got into by accident) was going to control his life and consume his very energetic and hyperactive soul.

He has performed more than 100 + shows since he started at the age of 19.

A regular in the Bombay Comedy Scene, he regularly does shows with the Canvas Laugh Factory.

In 2012, Kenneth edited a major motion picture ‘STATION’ and also became a part of the improvisational group known as ‘The Improv’ produced by CENTERSTAGE. Most recently, he was signed on by Agentc, a talent management company run by Thomas Course who also runs The Canvas Laugh Factory in Bombay. Having done many corporate shows as well for clients such as Google, Adobe, Wipro, Flipkart, Deloitte, Calvin Klien, etc… Kenneth has a wide range of experience in his career as a comedian, Improv Actor, Film Director and Musician.

Kenneth also runs a Film Studio “Kennymedia” based in Bangalore, where has produced over 200+ corporate videos ranging from Animation, Advertisements and Graphic Prints.

When he is not doing comedy or working on videos, Kenneth loves composing and recording music and in 2012 produced his own acoustic blues album “Balance”.

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