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INK Makers 2015

The first INK Makers program was held in 2015, in  association with Manipal University. Throughout the program, we had an overwhelming participation from promising  student innovators and global thinkers, who got an opportunity to showcase their projects and share their experiential learning. 

Program Overview

INK Makers 2015 comprised of two Makeathons and a grand finale, spread across 8 months at Manipal University. 


A Makeathon is a 2-day maker event, where people from different backgrounds and fields of study come together to build something based on a specific theme. Makeathon 1.0 was conducted in September 2015 and Makeathon 2.0 in January 2016.


Both the Makeathons had college students comprising of innovators, thought leaders and creative minds come together for 32 hours to evolve an idea from creation to execution. In the process, they also competed with one another to win cash prizes and a chance to attend INK Live 2015, as well as a chance to showcase their final prototypes at the grand finale - held in March 2016 at Manipal University. 


The Top 3 winners of INK Makers 2015 grand finale received exciting cash prizes and also a coveted opportunity to take their innovations to the market. 


Program Dates


Launch of INK Makers  - August 10th, 2015

Makeathon 1 - September 26–27th, 2015

INK Live 2015 in Mumbai - October 16–18th, 2015

Makeathon 2 - January 29-30th, 2016

INK Makers Finale at Manipal - March 30th, 2016


Launch of INK Makers | August 10th, 2015

Launch of INK Makers at Manipal University. Announcement of the first theme of INK Makers at Manipal University. 


The winners of MakeaThon 1.0 were taken to INK Live 2015. INK Live, which is held parallel to the INK conference every year, is a culmination of various events ranging from workshops on design thinking to fundraising, and also provides an opportunity to meet with industry experts. 


MakeaThon 2 | January 29-30th, 2016

In Makeathon 2.0, challengers had to showcase their innovative approach based on two specified themes/ problem statements -  ‘Build to sell’ and ‘Make Manipal a better place”. Participants were allowed to get involved either individually or as part of a group.


Prototype validation

The penultimate  phase of the project required teams to test and validate their prototypes in the real world. Real world testing involved a series of rapid prototyping - taking inputs from the users and working on ways to improve on their prototype.


INK Makers finale | March 30th, 2016 

15 winning teams from the 2 Makeathons were given the opportunity to showcase and share their experience at the INK Makers finale, to a panel of eminent judges and mentors. The top three teams were selected as the winners of INK Makers 2015.