Title: INKtalks @8th MILE, RVCE

March 16, 2011 at R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore


There are 7 speakers--please put up the 5 profiles that have been created. Uttam and Vinay still have to send their info, I'll create those two as soon as I can.

- Susant Pattnaik

- Arpit Mohan 

- Anusha Yadav 
- Vinay Rao (no profile yet)
- Nikhil Velpanur
- Manasi Prasad
- Uttam Chandrashekar (no profile yet)
The INK session at 8th MILE is on March 16th from 2 - 3:30pm on the RVCE campus. A list of speakers can be found here.
INKtalks hosts an afternoon session at 8th MILE to bring the spirit of INK to the students at RV College of Engineering in Bangalore. RVCE has a tradition of being in the forefront and trendsetter in all strata of academics, sports and cultural activities. 8th MILE has been a trade mark of RVCE’s rich and diverse culture. The words “Techno-Cultural Festival” do make a feeble attempt towards describing 8th Mile, but perhaps the word “Celebration” more accurately sums up what 8th MILE stands for. Every March, RVCE wakes up to an extravaganza of colour and energy that lasts three days and three nights. Around 6,000 - 8,000 people come together to celebrate this event, predominantly among them, students and young professionals. 
There are a couple ways to participate in this event.
1. Attend and register
2. For 8th Mile participants: Have innovative ideas? Shout ‘em out! With ideas under 99 seconds, all you have to do is say your idea in less than 99 seconds and upload it on youtube. Send the link to contest@inktalks.com with a brief description of about 100 words and if you are selected, you get a chance to talk at the INK gathering at RVCE. The best part? The talk may go online at inktalks.com! The contest is open to all 8th Mile Participants. Hurry! The contest ends March 9th. Visit the facebook page here.