Going beyond Boundaries

In a thought-provoking talk, RMZ Foundation’s AN Venugopal shares insights on the need and ease of weaving philanthropy into the corporate work culture. Drawing examples from the Foundation’s project for construction labour – giving them avenues of recreation and volunteering, instilling a sense of social responsibility, and thereby creating a happy environment – he demonstrates how ‘going beyond boundaries gives abundance’.

Recorded at Road to GES 2017, Hitex Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad


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About the Speaker

A.N Venugopal

President, RMZ Foundation

Venugopal has extensive experience of over 35 years mainly in the real estate industry, in project development of commercial, residential, hospitality and mixed use projects in India. 

Before taking over as the President of RMZ Foundation he was the Managing Director- development management at RMZ Corp and member of the Executive Committee responsible for enhancing the shareholders’ value in the real estate development. Currently, Venugopal spearheads Sustainability, Skill Development, Social Welfare, Urban Development and the Art initiatives at RMZ Foundation. A passionate leader, he also serves on the boards of various NGOs in India and is a member of  the World Economic Forum- Steering Committee- Future of Urban Development & Services in India .

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