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Philanthropist and VC Kamran Elahian talks about two mega trends which affect world economy – falling oil prices, and sustainable consumption. He goes on to show how spread of terrorism is linked to unemployment and discusses BIT AMENA, his vision to create 10 million innovation jobs in 10 years.

Recorded at INK Asia 2016, Singapore


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About the Speaker

Kamran Elahian

Innovation Catalyst

Kamran Elahian is Chairman of the BIT-AMENA Center for Building Innovation Economies at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. As an entrepreneur, Kamran co-founded ten companies, of which three failed and six produced a total market cap of over $8B. As a VC, Kamran co-founded Global Catalyst Partners with investments in the U.S., Japan, China, India, Israel and Singapore. Underlying his global vision is the conviction that modern ICT can be instrumental in dissolving barriers between nations and bridging the social and political differences among people. As an innovation catalyst, he advises various governments on the needed transition from fossil based economies to sustainable innovation economies.

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