Rethink how we address urbanization

Simulatenously sharing intriguing global examples, President of Cisco Smart+Connected Communities Anil Menon gives a passionate talk on rethinking all the things that today have an impact on ecology, healthcare, energy and water consumption in our world.

Recorded at INK2016, Goa


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About the Speaker

Anil Menon


Anil Menon is global president of Cisco Smart+Connected Communities; helping cities become more efficient and sustainable. It provides solutions for urban services and data sharing challenges in communities, cities and even entire nations worldwide through digital transformation of infrastructure, data, and services.

Anil orchestrates vision, strategy, partnerships, and investments. He drives solutions development—for street lighting, parking, and traffic management; water and waste management; citizen engagement, safety and security and more—and provides executive-level sponsorship for the Cisco Country Transformation Acceleration initiative in France, India, Indonesia, Israel, Russia, South Korea, and the UAE.

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