From starting Infosys to saving water

Philanthropist Rohini Nilekani talks to Lakshmi Pratury about setting up Infosys in the early 90’s, her attempt to encourage children to read more books and about her Foundation Arghyam, which works with water and sanitation issues.

Recorded at INK2016, Goa


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About the Speaker

Rohini Nilekani


Rohini Nilekani is the Founder-Chairperson of Arghyam, a Foundation she set up with a private endowment to work on water and sanitation issues in India. She is also founder of Pratham Books, a charitable trust which seeks to put "a book in every child's hand".

An ex-journalist, author and philanthropist, Rohini has been deeply involved with development issues and sits on the Boards of several non-profits, such as ATREE (the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment) and Sanghamithra Rural Financial Services. Rohini is author of the novel 'Stillborn' and also a non-fictional account of dialogues she moderated between social and corporate leaders called, 'Uncommon Ground'. 

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