Practicing incidental sustainability

Veerappan Swaminathan tells us about how he uses the 'maker movement' to get communities in Singapore engaged in enjoyable practices that contribute to sustainable living.

Recorded at INK2016, Goa


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About the Speaker

Veerappan Swaminathan


Veerappan is a pioneer of the Maker movement and a well-known social entrepreneur in the youth and environment sector in Singapore. He has led organizations to accolades such as the President's Challenge Youth Social Enterprise Award 2015, UNESCO-Daimler Mondialogo Engineering Award as well as the ASEAN+3 Young Enterprise For Sustainable Development Award 2015. 

In his capacity as Co-Founder of OneMaker Group, he won a 3 year tender from SPRING to run the Prototyping Lab at the National Design Centre and manage the Prototyping Assistance Scheme which is targeted at aspiring hardware entrepreneurs and hardware startups. He also helped co-found the Singapore Makers Association and the Southeast Asian Makerspace Network. Through his work, Veerappan aims to address sustainability challenges and at the same time facilitate people to reach their full potential through entrepreneurship.

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