Heroism in Translation

In this talk, Creator, Producer and Media Entrepreneur, Sharad Devarajan takes us along on his journey in bringing superheroes into India and to create the ultimate Indian superhero.

Recorded at INK Live 2015, Mumbai


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About the Speaker

Sharad Devarajan

Co-Founder & CEO, Graphic India

Sharad Devarajan is a creator, producer and media entrepreneur. His latest company, Graphic India, is the culmination of his lifelong dream to launch superheroes and stories that tap into the unique creativity and culture of India but appeal to audiences worldwide. In the same way the West has created superheroes or Japan launched anime, Graphic India is transforming the perception of India in character entertainment from being an ‘outsourcer” to being ‘the source.’ In addition to Graphic India, he is also the Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Liquid Comics, a digital entertainment company that uses the medium of graphic novel storytelling to develop original content for various digital platforms, publishing, theatrical live-action films, animation and games.

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