Crowdfunding for the arts in India

Observing that a lack of money and social validation was stopping people she knew from pursuing their inventive ideas, INK Fellow Anshulika Dubey channelled her frustration into a business venture. She co-founded Wishberry, India’s leading crowdfunding platform, which supports films, apps, and other creations that might not get off the ground otherwise. In this insightful presentation, Anshulika reveals her discovery that generous givers abound in India: the problem is the courage to ask.

Recorded at INK2015, Mumbai


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About the Speaker

Anshulika Dubey

Co-founder & COO, Wishberry

Anshulika co-founded India’s first and most successful crowdfunding platform for creative ideas. So far over 250 projects across films, music, dance, comics and more have raised well over USD 1 million by over 11,000 backers using Wishberry. Inspired by Dagny Taggart and Miranda Priestly, this ex-McKinsey analyst discovered crowdfunding while on a project at McKinsey. It fascinated her so much, she ditched a US job opportunity and flew back to India to pioneer this concept. Anshulika doggedly believes that crowdfunding is a lifeline for all budding creative artists in India.

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