Hyperrealistic mannequins, Made in India

Artist Rajiv Subba showcases a hyperrealistic mannequin on-stage, a craft he and his collaborators are pioneering in India. In a conversation with Lakshmi Pratury, Subba shares the exciting (and sometimes weird) projects their studio takes up, including creating props for some blockbuster Bollywood films.

Recorded at INK2014, Mumbai


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Rajiv Subba


Rajiv Subba’s sculpture work will make you do a double – no, triple – take. The talented graduate from Chandigarh Art College connected with fellow NID classmate Mamta Gautam to form ‘Dirty Hands’ in 2008, a collective of skilled and specialized architects, designers and artists. Everything really started for Dirty Hands when a Delhi-based designer needed a hyper-realistic silicon mannequin, and thus, work commenced. Two-and-a-half years and several mannequins later, Rajiv and his team created a mind-blowingly realistic sculpture, practically indistinguishable from its human counterpart. Since then, Rajiv has done work for prosthetics in Bollywood films, and hopes to expand into more scientific fields, such as aesthetically superior medical prosthetics. Step aside, Madame Tussaud’s, Dirty Hands is slowly re-sculpting the prosthetics and art industry from all different angles.

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