OJAS -- women who found spiritual union

At INK2014, celebrated Bharatanatyam dancer Vidhya Subramanian brings to life three saint poetesses — Lalleshwari, Meera and Akka Mahadevi, in search of spiritual union with Shiva, Krishna and Chenna Mallikarjuna respectively. Conveying the deep yearning and the radiance of spiritual union, Subramanian shares the stories of these women who lived their lives as examples, breaking tradition, refusing to be subdued and contained within the walls of societal limitations.

Recorded at INK2014, Mumbai


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About the Speaker

Vidhya Subramanian

Bharatanatyam Dancer

There are no artistic boundaries for award-winning dancer Vidhya Subramanian. After dazzling audiences the world over with her performances, receiving international acclaim and having taught the dance as well, Vidhya continues to bring tremendous energy and dedication to promoting and preserving the ancient art form of Bharatanatyam. Known for her bold, modern themes and strong choreography, Vidhya has given back to her specialty of the traditional Vazhuvoor style.

Vidhya started her own Bharatanatyam production company and school called Lasya in California. The school has presented 38 disciples in Arangetrams and the company has performed 9 full-length and several short thematic presentations under her direction. Vidhya's talent does not stop at just dancing - she has already done 3 stage plays and is currently completing her MA in Theatre Arts.

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