Our AI future

Are we close to creating super-human intelligence? Singularity University’s Neil Jacobstein shares how exponential technologies are totally disrupting the playing field. Sharing recent advancements in AI & Robotics, Jacobstein points out that the cost of not being interdisciplinary might be too high.

Recorded at INK2014, Mumbai


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About the Speaker

Neil Jacobstein

Co-chair of AI and Robotics, Singularity Universit

Neil Jacobstein is the Director of Executive Academics and Co-chairs the AI and Robotics Track at Singularity University whose mission is to assemble, educate, and inspire leaders to understand and facilitate the responsible development of exponentially advancing technologies in order to address humanity’s grand challenges. He also served as President of Singularity University from Oct 2010 – Oct 2011.

Jacobstein is a Distinguished Visiting Scholar in Stanford’s Media X Program and was a Senior Research Fellow in the Reuters Digital Vision Program at Stanford University 2006-2007. He has served as a technical consultant on research and development projects for leading business, government, and defense organizations including GM, Ford, FMC, P&G, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, NASA, the U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force to name a few.

Jacobstein has also worked in a wide variety of executive and advisory roles for industry, nonprofit, and government organizations. He continues to give lectures, seminars, and workshops worldwide on the opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence and nanotechnology. 

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