The PaperBoat story

Co-founder of Hector Beverages and INK Fellow, Neeraj Kakkar gets nostalgic about a purple carrot drink he used to love as a child. Watch as he shows us how food migrates and brings people together.

Recorded at INK2014, Mumbai


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Neeraj Kakkar


Neeraj is co-founder and CEO of Hector Beverages, the makers of Paper Boat drinks, traditional Indian beverages. Their other brand is Tzinga Energy Drink, the second largest selling energy drink in India.  Prior to starting with Hector Beverages, Neeraj had an impressive career with The Coca-Cola Company for 8 years.

Neeraj is a graduate from Wharton Business School and was awarded the highest academic honour, the palmer scholar, in the University of Pennsylvania business program.

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