Your values will take you places

Renowned as an authority on corporate law in India, Zia Mody shares her life lessons. Raising issues of diversity at the workplace, and the importance of a personal value structure, Mody dares us to do the right thing and push boundaries.

Recorded at INK2014, Mumbai


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Zia Mody

Corporate Lawer

Zia Mody is considered an authority on corporate merger and acquisition law, securities law, private equity and project finance in India. She is a Senior Partner of the Law Firm of AZB & Partners which has its offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore in India. Zia Mody did her law at Cambridge University and then went on to do an LLM from Harvard University. Zia is also the recipient of the Economic Times Awards for Corporate Excellence as the Businesswoman of the Year, 2010. She was selected as one of the 25 most powerful women in Indian business by Business Today in 2004 and was selected as one of India's 100 most powerful CEO's by the Economic Times in 2005.

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Mamta G Mamta

How awesome that I saw this :) Thanks Laxmi and Ink and Zia.
I simply loved "Dare to do the Right Thing". Something I have believed in forever and ever. I have dared to dream not once but again and again.I have stood for my values and have stuck to them while continuing to dream,even if I have had to start all over again time and again. Currently on my journey of my 4th start up.I loved the informative talk about our constitution. Thank you.

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