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First-generation agricultural entrepreneur Sanvar Oberoi is re-instating the super crop Cannabis sativa (Industrial hemp) long marginalized for its association with Cannabis indica (Marijuana). Oberoi's Bombay Hemp Company is working closely with farmers and the government to realize the 2.4 billion rupees opportunity for India with Industrial hemp. Ultimately Oberoi wants to make agriculture more lucrative and sexy for young entrepreneurs.

Recorded at INK2013, Kochi, Kerala


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Sanvar Oberoi


Sanvar Oberoi is the Co-Founder and Director of Finance and Digital Technology at Bombay Hemp Company (BOHECO), a hybrid social enterprise transforming agriculture in developing economies. BOHECO is South Asia's pioneering help company and is working with governements, scientists, farmers, industry and consumers globally to build an end-to-end ecosystem and self sustaining model which unleashes the supercrop's tremendous socio-economic and environmental benefits at large scale. 

He leads the BOHECO Innovation Lab, the organisation's moonshot and fundamental research and nanotechnology domain. He has always been deeply affected by the growing number of farmer suicides and their state. He has mafe it his life's mission to reinstate the status-quo of farmers, women artisans and producers in society and develop interventions to continually and sustainably improve their quality of life significantly. He's a Ph.D research scholor in Business Economics and has been awarded the INK, Rajeev Circle and Ashoka Fellowship. 



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Sanvar Oberoi

Thank You @Online TrainingMan

We need to instill pride in agriculture related work and move our country to a 'Smart Agriculture' model.

Niranjana GR

Hi Sanvar,

My name is Niranjan, working as a software engineer. I always be interested in agriculture tried with growing vegetables (Hybrid) in our land and tried my best in educate my cousin who take care of our lands. But, they are losing hopes on agriculture because of HIGH rate fluctuations in the market. So, if you can suggest us with new crop which help them in bringing their hope back it will be really evolution in the agriculture & formers.
Agriculture Land Location: Anajigere, Near Davangere, Karnataka, India

Thanks – Niranjana G.R.

Sanvar Oberoi

Thank You for your comments & suggestions @Niranjana GR. May I please recommend you visit our website and sign up for Hemp Cultivation on the form (http://boheco.org/hemp-cultivation-queries/). Looking forward to speaking with you!

Pooja Agarwal

so i can't grow it anywhere in india yet? unless I apply to be part of your R and D activities. is that correct? Do you have a license to grow?

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