What it takes to dine with a lion

What does it take to be a doctor practicing in the remote tribal regions without easy access to proper medicine and technology? What does it take to run an orphanage for rescued animals which may have otherwise ended up as dinner for the local population? What does it take for a regular surgeon to perform cataract operation with just a book as a reference? And least of all, what does it take to be Baba Amte's son? In this Q&A with INK Curator Lakshmi Pratury, Magsaysay awardee Prakash Amte answers these questions and more.

Recorded at INK2011, Jaipur, India


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Prakash Amte

Social activist

Magsaysay Awardee Prakash Amte runs Lok Biradari Prakalp to provide community services to tribal people in rural Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Chhatisgarh. The project has grown into a hospital, residential school and an orphanage for injured wild animals.

Prakash Amte is a M.B.B.S. graduate by profession but the spectrum of activities he carries out ranges from performing complex surgeries, fractures, and simple eye surgeries. He has first hand experience in hand rearing of wild-life animals from leoprads to huge bears,even the deadliest snakes have been befriended by him. He heads an rare informal court where the adivasis from far away come out of love and trust that justice will be granted. The most unusual being repairing watches and radios of the adivasis which he still continues to do.

Way back in 1970 Lt. Baba urged his sons to come for a picnic in dandakaranya forest. Prakash accompanied his visionary father Lt. Baba Amte into the dense forests of bhamragad. Moved by the extreme poverty, exploitation, illiteracy and malnuitrition Baba decided to start a project for tribal development. At that time Prakash was young and freshly graduated; seeing his aged father's enthusiasm and dedication, he promised Baba to join him in his mission. This trip was a turning point in Prakash's life. Shortly after, he was joined by his young and able physician wife Mandakini.

Prakashwata (Marathi Autobiography)


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Kuldeep Thakre

Dr.Prakash Amte's in the tribal region is commendable.I was fortunate enough to meet Baba Amte in person and I found the same shades of Baba Amte in his son Prakash Amte.Hats off to his pioneering work!

Dilip Apte

Kudos to you .Words fail to express your love and dedication for your chosen path and apropos it shuns publicity. You have enriched our lives Prakash

Shireesh Kathale

This is just amazing, I am so proud that I have been lucky to get the opportunity to work with the legend like Late. Resp. Baba, Late Sadhanatai, Dr. Vikas and family and Dr. Prakash for 4 years. It is so touching to see Prakashdada being interviewed and enriching people's lives!! I am sure millions of people will get inspired with such live energy like Prakashdada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nikhil Raje

The one thing that a lot of Indians would want from the government is a Bharatratna for Late. Baba Amte. This should have happened years before, but it is never too late to do a good act. As an anchor, I have been talking about it in a lot of my shows for so many years. I hope we see that happening some day.

Shashi Todkar

What to say about this man? Even we do 5% of the great work what he does for the underprivileged, I think, it would be a big contribution towards the society in which we live in...
A grand salute from the bottom of my heart to the humble and great Dr.Prakash Amte.

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