An inside joke for a billion (+) people

He is one big enthu cutlet but you will never catch him wearing a safari suit, mother promise! What started out as an exercise in nostalgia for Vikram Bhaskaran, has turned into a repository of rich cultural idiosyncrasies and lingo from South Asia called Samosapedia. With words, phrases and quirky usage examples that typically mix local slang and English, Samosapedia hosts a treasure trove of crowd-sourced entries that connect the past with the present, celebrating the ever-evolving nature of language and culture from this region.

Recorded at INK2011, Jaipur, India


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About the Speaker

Vikram Bhaskaran

Co-founder, Samosapedia

Vikram Bhaskaran is the CEO and Co-Founder of Samosa Media whose flagship product is Samosapedia: The Definitive Guide to South Asian Lingo.

Vikram has a background in strategy, operations and business development in the digital media sector. He is passionate about south asian culture and language and his goal is to build the most lovable south asian humor brand that makes people laugh out loud or perhaps break into an uncontrollable smile. He calls Bangalore and New York home.

PERSONAL JOURNEY: Samosapedia is as much about celebrating urban slang as it is about documenting and capturing words and concepts that are quickly vanishing. While the site is a great way to inspire young people globally to contribute entries, there is a whole community of older people who we probably never reach. The journey I want to take is an oral history project, where I travel around south asia with a small team of talented writers and documentary filmmakers to capture words, phrases and concepts that are quickly disappearing from the modern south asian landscape.


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Vijaya Kumar Ivaturi

A fine blend of essence of the region with the language of the world to generate an interesting lexicon which is so unique to south asia. Enjoy the journey.

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