When governance cripples growth

India is a story of bottom-up success, success of the people. Follow through as author Gurcharan Das shares insights on how our nation may be rising despite the state, the idea of Dharma, and the need for a strong liberal state.

Recorded at INK2012, Pune, India


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Gurcharan Das

Author, commentator, public intellectual

Gurcharan Das is an Indian author, commentator and public intellectual. He is the author of The Difficulty of Being Good: On the subtle art of dharma which interrogates the epic, Mahabharata and the international bestseller, India Unbound, a narrative account of India from Independence to the global information age.

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Atul Kota

Das Guruji - Tonns'nMillions of my pranaam to you, I've always appreciated & most-delighted, enlightened with u'r literary works in press&publications. I was a paying-guest at HindiNovelist&Author Sri.BhishmaSahani at 8/30-EPN-N'Delhi @-yr'-'95 & he always used to talk @ u admiringly too.
Sir it'll be our honor&pleasure to invite u 2 Solapur/MAH' for u'r PublicLecture @ GaneshFestival's-LectureSeries thro' local-banks who can make it possible, pl' let me've u'r e'mail 2 communicate 2 u in this matter, thanx. W'Regards/B'Wishes.
Mr.Atul KOTA / (alumni'89 / www.aaschool.ac.uk)
e'm: asiandevelopmentsociety(at)gmail(dot)com

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