John-Henry Harris: Play hard to work better

'Play hard' often comes with a postscript: 'Work harder'. But Lego creative designer John-Henry Harris shows that if you play hard, you work better.


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John-Henry Harris

Lego creative designer

John-Henry Harris is a British creative designer who has been living and working in Denmark for the past three years. His thought-provoking environmental and social design philosophies, displayed at the 2008 New Designers exhibition in London, won him a dream job innovating toys at LEGO, where his passion now lies in spreading the essence of Play worldwide. At a recent TED event in New York, John-Henry's motto "Play Hard, Work Better!" challenged corporate responsibility and social attitudes towards play at work, and he now hopes to broaden the way businesses think about innovation culture globally.

UNTOLD STORY: John-Henry loves building ferocious creatures with big teeth and sharp claws and his 'Fiery Legend' Dragon set contains three models that can be built from the same set of bricks. This, along with some designer web-tips, aims to inspire children into believing that they really can create anything out of one selection of bricks.

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