Drum Circle with Recycled Instruments & Djembes with Abhijit Jejurikar (Dharavi rocks)

Join Abhijit Jejurikar, the musician from the Dharavi Rocks, in creating music out of recycled instruments – drum barrels, paint cans and plastic bottles. Participate in the drum circle to celebrate the joy of crafting music and understanding the joy of rhythm.


Art and Technology Fusion with Shashwat Ratan

Design and gain experience on electro bricks with INK Fellow Shashwat Ratan. This workshop has been specifically designed to help you create beautiful projects from low-cost electronic kits without the need for programming or soldering skills. For e.g. flapping butterflies, glow worms, dragons, and robots. Not just that, at the end of INK Live you will be able see all your projects come to life on a large interactive wall.

*Knowledge of electronics is not a prerequisite for this workshop. 


Wearable Technology with Shashwat Ratan

Fascinated with the concept of wearable technology? Want to know how you can create your own? Join INK Fellow Shashwat Ratan in a workshop where you can create innovative interactive collections by simply putting electronics into your clothes. This workshop is all about creating beauty and functionality with the use of smart textiles and micro-electronics, ranging from blinking lights to buzzing motors. 


Introduction to Design-led Innovation with Soumitra Bhatt

If you’re curious about the concept of Design Thinking and its tremendous impact, then Design-led Innovation workshop by Soumitra Bhatt, Program Director, Design innovation at ISDI is for you. He will introduce you to the fundamentals of Design Thinking, how to understand it, and will also highlight how creativity can be used to develop innovative solution concepts. 

Re-defining Fashion with Poonam Mishra 

Join Poonam Mishra, Program Director Fashion Business Management at ISDI for a workshop to dig deeper into designing customer-centric clothing, keeping individual preferences & requirements in mind.

Visual Effects & Real Time Media with Behram Patel

Join Behram Patel, Program Directors VFX for an introductory workshop on visual effects. The workshop will give you some hands-on experience on game development and virtual reality.

Broadcast yourself on Youtube with Satya Raghavan

Join Satya Raghavan the Head of Entertainment at YouTube India on a interactive workshop on building your own brand on youtube. Satya has 16 years of work experience across broadcast media, FMCG, Internet, Venture Capital and entrepreneurship. Come be a part of this workshop which gives you an deep insight on how one could get the most out of the worlds most popular video viewing site "Youtube".